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Year 6 Residential 2023

Thursday 16th November

Today was another busy one. The children all slept well again before a yummy breakfast of cereal and toast. 


Mr Jackson's group went canoeing today. The group worked really well together even though a few children were a bit anxious. Lots of splashing of water and a fun slide into the canal at the end finished their exciting day!


Mrs Baker-Roberts' group were climbing at the centre today. They went on the climbing wall, the high ropes and the zip wire! Although some children were worried, most of the children gave it a really good go and were able to feel proud of themselves at the end.


Miss Potter's group also went climbing today. They started on the high ropes and zip wire before going to the climbing wall. The children worked wonderfully together, and the 'experts' were extremely helpful to those who were anxious.


This evening, we started the dreaded job...of packing! The children worked hard to clear their rooms ready for heading home tomorrow. They visited the shop, played games and then watched some film or did some drawing at the end of the night. Here's hoping for a good night's sleep in preparation for our last day!

Here's our rooms (more photos to come)!

Morning and breakfast

Wednesday 15th November

Wow- what a busy day we have had today! I was very proud of all the children for how well they slept last night; it gave us all the boost we needed for today's activities. After a yummy breakfast of cereal and croissants, we found out what we would be up to today.


Miss Potter's group went caving today. The children worked wonderfully as a team and provided great support (both physically and emotionally!) to each other as we travelled through the caves. We saw spiders, bats and...Mrs Baker-Robert's group as well!


Mrs Baker-Robert's group also went caving. Although some children were a little anxious, they all worked together to make it through! Again, the children were praised for their teamwork skills and for how well they looked after each other.


Mr Jackon's group stayed on site today and went climbing! They tackled the climbing wall and the high ropes course before having fun on the zipline. We had a wonderful compliment on the children's listening skills from the instructor, so well done to the children.


This evening, after a yummy dinner of chicken curry, the children took part in orienteering in small groups. The children were travelling across the whole site and having to read a map as well as work together. Special well done to Peggy, Emily and Nathaniel who won the yellow competition and Jakob, Leo and Ben who won the red* competition! 

*edited by Jakob 

Evening activity - Orienteering

Tuesday 14th November

After a good night's sleep (for most of us!), we woke up ready to get going again with a full day of activities! We enjoyed bacon rolls at breakfast and then found out what activities we would be doing for the day. Two groups went canoeing and one group faced the caves.


Mr Jackson was really impressed with all the children in his group for facing their fears, being resilient and working together to support and encourage. All of this meant that the cavers had a fantastic first day.


Mrs Baker-Roberts similiarly found that the children gelled really well as a team and some children overcame significant fears of the water to have an enjoyable day on the canal.


Miss Potter was very impressed with her group. The children became a solid unit by the end and we all learnt some tips and tricks on how to steer the canoes to success. Some of us enjoyed a planned jump into the canal at the end...others of us had a not-so-planned trip in! 


This evening, after a dinner of sausage and mash, the children wrapped up warm and went on a night walk. We saw beautiful stars including many, many shooting stars! Then we all got ready for bed and are looking forward to our rest. Bring on tomorrow!

Evening activity- Night walk!

Waking up time and breakfast!

Monday 13th November

After an uneventful journey, we arrived at around 2pm to the centre! The children found out where they would be sleeping before enjoying their packed lunches. We then set up our rooms and got our equipment ready for the week.

After this, the children went into their activity groups and worked on their teambuilding skills. Traversing the spiderweb, moving the football, scaling the wall and much more!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner of chicken goujons and chips and then apple crumble. For our evening activity, we wrapped up warm and went photo orienteering...in the wet rain! Everyone then got ready for bed before watching a bit of film and having a biscuit. We are looking forward to the rest of our week.

Monday 13th November - Friday 17th November


Please read this message carefully as it contains information about the residential next week.


Monday 13th November - Drop off

Children should be brought to school from 8:30 onwards on Monday morning. All Y6 children attending residential should meet at the front of the school where they will be met by Miss Potter. Our scheduled pick-up time by the coach company is 8:45 so please ensure your child has arrived by 8:40am. Children should have the items they need in a clearly labelled suitcase/bag. Please contact the school office if you do not have a kit list. 


If your child has any medication they need to be given during the trip, this (and the form) should be given to Miss Potter at this time. Likewise, any spending money (clearly labelled) should be handed to Mr Jackson at this time too.


The children are welcome to bring a small backpack for the coach with their water bottle and a book/card game for the journey. Please note that children should not bring any snacks. As a reminder, children are not allowed to bring any electronics on the residential.


The children should make sure they bring a packed lunch to eat upon arrival at the centre. This can be packed in their bus backpack.


We will send a parentmail when we have arrived, and the class webpage will be updated daily with photos and information.



Staff will have Calpol (liquid and fast melts) available to administer to children if they are unwell. We will inform parents/carers at the end of the week if their child has had medicine. If you would prefer for your child not to receive Calpol, please get in touch with the school office before Monday morning.


If your child suffers with travel sickness and they take medication, please ensure they have had their first tablet before leaving on Monday. Any additional tablets can be given to Miss Potter in a labelled container with the relevant form. Whilst at Glasbury, traveling to some of the activities can take over half an hour. If you feel your child needs travel sickness medication for journeys of this length, please make sure your child has enough for the week.


If your child needs any form of medication while we are away, you will need to fill in a medication administering form. Please see attached for a copy of this form. If you need a paper copy, please ask Miss Potter. This form should be handed in with the medication on Monday morning.


Friday 17th November - Pick up

We are due to be collected from Glasbury at 15:00. We will send a parentmail when we have left with an estimated time of arrival for pick up at the school. Be aware that the coach will need to access Riely Close so please park with this in mind.

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