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At our school, we understand the importance of being active, and strongly believe that the teaching of PE should nurture pupils’ interest in sport and inspire a fascination in a wide range of physical activity. We want to create the best possible experience of physical education for all our children and our curriculum provides such opportunities to ensure they have a lifelong passion for sport.


Furthermore, At Hanborough Manor Primary School, we believe it is vital for children to be able to swim at least 25 metres before the end of Year 6 and know how to remain safe in and around water.



We know that high-quality teaching and learning of PE is essential to encouraging children to engage with physical activity, regardless of fitness level or experience. Therefore, to support this, alongside teacher planning we use the RealPE scheme. The RealPE cogs show a clear learning journey which develops a child’s personal, social, physical, health and fitness, cognitive and creative abilities. The children should feel inspired and supported on their PE journey with the HMS curriculum, which also aims to educate and celebrate individual progress in both their personal and social skills.


Using the RealPE programme, the children review previously learnt skills and build on new skills each lesson. These skills are applied within engaging activities to support children’s willingness to participate in sports and develop their teamwork, respect, resilience and understanding of pride.


We encourage our children to participate in team games by delivering lessons which focus on core skills needed for sports including football, netball, hockey, tennis and rugby. Some year groups have the expertise of a sports coach, and teachers have the opportunity to work with experienced colleagues from our partner secondary school on building on prior skills to ensure children feel confident when partaking in team games. We also participate in partnership tournaments to help build self-esteem and encourage competition in a safe, friendly environment.


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