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Who's Who

Meet the staff...

Mrs Clare Morgan - Headteacher
Mrs Amelia Woodward - Deputy Head/Y4 Teacher
Mrs Wendy Partridge - SENCo
Mr Mark Woodward - Admin Officer
Mrs Julie Walter - Admin Assistant
Mrs Toni Pearce - FS Teacher
Miss Emily Cooper - Y1 Teacher
Miss Harriet Jones - Y2 Teacher
Miss Ellie Young - Y3 Teacher
Mrs Sarah Gomme - Y4/Y5 Teacher
Miss Rosie Potter - Y5 Teacher
Mr Lars Boardman - Y6 Teacher
Ms Alison Jones - Associate Teacher (FS and Y1)
Mrs Becky Miller - HLTA
Miss Lindsey Auton - Teaching Assistant
Miss Shannon Baker-Roberts - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Paula Barrow Starkey - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hayley Charalambous - Teachng Assistant
Miss Freya Gent - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Linda Greatbatch - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Becky Hayes - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Angela Silverwood - Teaching Assistant/SENAss
Mrs Louise Smith - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Tompkin - Teaching Assistant
Mr George Wolstenholme - Teaching Assistant

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Sally Woodhouse - Cook
Mrs Jane Lambourne - Kitchen Assistant


You will find the Governors' section under 'Community'.