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Relationships and Behaviour at Hanborough Manor School

At Hanborough Manor we place an emphasis on making relationships with all stakeholders - staff, pupils and parents.  We have a restorative and relationship focussed approach to behaviour management, which allows our children to learn in a calm and caring environment which will support every child both emotionally and educationally to give them the best possible chance of success. 

HMS Relationships and Behaviour Policy






In the classroom I will:

  • sit on my chair/carpet on my bottom
  • make sure I am sat on my chair with all four legs on the ground
  • face the front
  • keep my hands empty and still when listening
  • look at the adults when I am asked to
  • listen to who is talking
  • keep my voice off when asked to
  • sit up straight


When lining up I will:

  • turn my voice off
  • put my hands by my side
  • face the front in my place
  • make sure my uniform is tidy


In the classroom I will:

  • use respectful language (please, thank you)
  • put my hand up when I want to speak
  • listen to others
  • look after equipment
  • use gentle hands
  • keep my hands still and empty when asked
  • keep in my seat during the lesson
  • ask to go to the toilet or leave the room
  • make sure everyone can carry on learning
  • look at adults when they are talking to me
  • use words to respond to adults or my friends


At playtimes I will:

  • look after the equipment
  • follow the school playtime rules
  • only use gentle touches
  • listen to all adults
  • listen to my friends and try to sort out differences
  • ask an adult to help if I need it

In the classroom I will:

  • make sure I am sat on my chair with all four legs on the ground
  • walk around the school
  • listen to any adults that are talking to me
  • use my inside voice so that I can hear any adults
  • keep in my classroom
  • know that I can make mistakes and learn from them




At playtimes I will:

  • look after the equipment
  • follow the school playtime rules
  • only use gentle touches
  • listen to all adults
  • play where an adult can see me
  • line up as soon as I am told to



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

 Lack of effort during lessons

Wandering around classroom

Timewasting in transition periods

Bringing toys to school

Distracting others

 Calling out / making noises

Poking/prodding others

Running inside

Throwing things without anger

Ignoring instructions from an adult

 Talking over others

Not lining up quietly and / or appropriately

Going inside at playtime without permission


Persistent level 1

behaviour should move to level 2


Name calling

Making fun of, or teasing another child or child’s work

Leaving the classroom without permission

Walking away from an adult when being spoken to

Defacing books/desks

Misuse of classroom equipment and / or environmental infrastructure

Rude responses to adults requests including shrugging, answering back or arguing

Interfering with another person’s property

Telling lies

Deliberately winding another child up

Misuse of toilets or hand basins

Swearing (not directed at an individual)

Stealing, pinching, pushing or hurting someone

Refusal to take part in learning

Refusing to go to a member of SLT when asked

Refusing to follow safety instructions

Rough play (any play which involves physical contact)

Making threats of violence verbally or physically

Persistent level 2

behaviour should move to level 3


Throwing objects to hurt another person or damage property


Swearing directed at someone


Verbal aggression


Unsafe/ risky behaviour


Leaving school grounds without permission


Physical violence towards another person or property


 Spitting at someone


Bullying (repeated and persistent), threatening, intimidating including online


 Damaging school property


Climbing fences


Racist or homophobic remarks


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

After 2 warnings use script to intervene swiftly and appropriately explaining what the sanction will be if behaviour doesn’t cease and / or improve


If poor behaviour continues move to level 2 sanction


Confiscate toys and return to child or parent at the end of the day


Send to a partner class to complete work


5 minutes time out at lunchtime – sat on bench or in classroom


Record in classroom behaviour book (and note which level)


Restorative conversation between child and the person they have hurt/upset.


 Community service to put right any damage to property or to give back time to school community e.g. litter picking, tidying up after lunch


 Informal conversation between class teacher and parents


Completing work in another classroom


Adult who witnessed incident to deal with it supported by an SLT member


 Persistent level 2 (3 x in class book per term) = consequences moved to level 3

Behaviour incident form to be completed and sent to SLT

Class teacher or SLT to contact parents either after school or by telephone

Monitor behaviour and update parents regularly

Reflection time to think about what went wrong and how it can be put right

Restorative meeting with adult/ children who were affected by the behaviour

Meeting between SLT, class teacher, parents and child

Monitor and record behaviour in each lesson and at play times

Loss of privileges

Reflection time to think about what they did wrong who it affected and what they would do differently in the future

Behaviour Support Plan which all staff are made aware of which includes strategies to support the child 

Internal exclusion

 Community service 

Fixed term suspension

Agreed regular meeting with parents

Racist/homophobic remarks reported

Persistent level 3 (3 x reflection per term) = letter home and meeting with parents

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