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Year 5 Showcase 2020

We learned all about Transformation Tales before half term. Using what we had learned in our Ancient Greek topic, we wrote our own Transformation Tale with a Greek God or Goddess.

We have also written Greek myth plays, newspapers and have written Christmas versions of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'!

We created revision posters for some key mathematical concepts!

Maths Day

Learning about light!

We created a dance piece with the help of Mrs Hayes and Miss Walton. Our dance was based on our understanding of Greek mythology. We have both group and whole class sections!

Year 5's Mythical Dance

Year 5 examined steps involved in 'step aerobics' classes and created their own short sequences. We then took turns to lead the rest of the class. We were very tired at the end!

Year 5 Fitness Class

We studied still life drawings and created our own pieces using the skills we had learned. We either chose to draw famous Ancient Greek buildings or statues from that time period.

We studied Ancient Greek pottery and the techniques used to create these. We discussed and explored why the pots would be made and what stories they told archeologists. We then designed, made and decorated our own pots.

Tree Planting

We were inspired by the tree planting to create some informative posters about what we did!