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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five's section of the website. Look out for regular updates to find out what the children have been learning and experiencing.


Routine and Information

  • PE kits should be brought into school on Monday and taken home on Friday.
  • Homework will be set on a Wednesday and handed in the following Monday.
  • Spellings form part of the homework. However these will be set on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday.
  • Please listen to your child read five times a week and comment in their reading journals.



Key Questions

This term our School Talk Topic is: ‘’Here, There and Everywhere’. This term, we will be celebrating the diversity around us. Can you think of things that we can be thankful for due to human diversity? Where would you like to travel to in the world and why? What makes our environment different to others?

This term our Class Talk Topic is: “Do we really want world peace? ” We will be watching Newsround every day to develop our understanding of current events.We will be trying to answer this question through our school-based project.

Violin Concert (05.07.19)


Congratulations to the fantastic strings players of 2019! Year 5 put on a brilliant performance to parents and Year 4 pupils on Friday afternoon. They were accompanied by their strings teacher, Mr Bettle, and performed a variety of songs. We are very impressed with their determination and talent. Mr Bettle said that they were one of the best classes he has worked with, so well done indeed Year 5!

Violin Concert (05.07.19)

Display from our WWII letter writing topic.

Display from our WWII letter writing topic. 1

Festival of Voices (20.06.19)


Today Year 5 went to Dorchester Abbey to take part in the Festival of Voices. It was an amazing experience. Well done to the children for learning and practicing the songs so well across this past term. They truly did Hanborough proud. The children's behaviour was impeccable, and the singing was beautiful (they even managed to make Miss Potter cry!). Even if you didn't make it to the event, you still worked as hard as everyone else, so well done to you all!

Festival of Voices (20.06.19)

D-Day Presentations (06.06.19)


As our Topic is WWII, we took the opportunity to learn about D-Day today. The children worked in groups all afternoon to produce 5 minute presentations about D-Day. We saw great posters, powerpoints and quizzes!

Science Work


Since Easter, Year 5 have been learning about Light! We used our understand of how light travels to create our own periscopes. Yesterday, we used these periscopes to try and 'spy' into the classroom, just like you would do if you were in a submarine!

Some of our PSHE/RE work this term!

Easter Service (03.04.19)


Well done to all of the school for their efforts in the Easter Service today. Year 5 stood confidently and either read our poem about the Paschal Candle or held up our hand-decorated Paschal Candles. In case you couldn't make it, see below for the poem we read.


Paschal Candle

The Paschal candle burns out bright,

Shining up the Lenten night,

There are four sections in a line,

Here we will explain them one at a time.


But first, before we explain each part,

We will discuss why this is used at the start,

The candle is lit a week before Easter Sunday,

And a vigil is gathered, where you can pray.


The candle is used to remind us of Christ,

And his life which he sacrificed,

The flame represents the light of the world we call Jesus,

And reminds us of all that he did to please us.


God is shown to be the beginning and the end,

With alpha and omega, Greek letters on which we depend,

In the centre of the candle is the cross,

A reminder of Jesus’ death and our loss.


Five grains of incense adorn the sides,

To represent the wounds of Jesus on that hillside.

And finally, the year is at the base,

To remind us of God’s enduring love in this place.

Easter Service (03.04.19)

Cricket Festival (02.04.19)


A big well done to Years 5 and 6 for their effort at the Eynsham Partnership Cricket Festival. Big smiles despite the heavy rain, and some fantastic play from all! 

Ashmolean Trip (01.04.19)


Year 5 had a great trip to the Ashmolean, to bring our 'Around the World In 80 Days' topic come to life! We travelled around the world in just 90 minutes. The children had a great time learning about other cultures and taking part in a scavenger hunt. The adults were very impressed with the children's behaviour, with several employees commenting on our mature and polite attitudes across the day! Well done Year 5!

World Book day (07.03.19)


We all had a great day today! It was lovely to see the children dressed up and feeling inspired by their reading books.


We completed fun reading activities, like a reading scavenger hunt, a book character 'Guess Who' game and wrote letters to our favourite authors.


In the afternoon, we made a reading buddy with a Year 1 and shared some of our favourite stories together. We then decorated our potatoes to look like a book character- which was lots of fun!

Shrove Tuesday fun!

Year 5/6 Showcase


What an amazing night we had! Thank you to all the children, staff and audience members for a great evening. The children greatly enjoyed showing their work off to the visitors, and we all had great fun devising our gymnastics and circus skills routines.

Year 5/6 Showcase

Snowy Day Activities


Please see the attached snowy day activities. These activities should only be used in the case of a school closure to provide children with some learning opportunities.



Since half term, year 5 have been designing their own science experiments investigating the effects of exercise on heart rate.


Our investigation titles are:

  1. What is the difference in heart rate between a year 5 jogging two laps of the field and a year 5 sprinting one lap of the field?
  2. How does exercise effect the heart rate of year 3 and 4 children?
  3. What is the difference in heart rate between an adult (holding hands with an FS child)and a year 5 after running a lap of the field?
  4. What is the difference in heart rate of children running either 1, 2 or 3 laps of the field?
  5. What is the difference between everyone in year 5's heart rate after running around the filed twice?
  6. What is the difference in heart rate between a year 2 and a year 5 after running one lap of the field?


These are the posters we made about the investigations for showcase:

Our science posters


In science this term we have been trying to answer the question, "should governments penalise people for unhealthy lifestyles?" 


Have a look at some of our arguments! We took part in a debate where we tried to persuade people to agree with us. We are also writing persuasive letters in our English lessons.


These are some of our arguments!


Animals Including Humans


Our topic this term is 'Animals including Humans'. In this topic we have learnt about the circulatory system, how water and nutrients travel  through our body and we are planning an investigation looking at heart rate and exercise! Check out our posters about the circulatory system:


We worked in groups to make these posters!