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Year 5

Year 5 Team:

Mrs Gomme - Class Teacher on a Monday

Miss Potter - Class Teacher on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Miller and Mrs Silverwood - Teaching Assistants

Mrs Gomme (Teacher on a Monday)
Miss Potter (Teacher on Tuesday to Friday)
Mrs Miller (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Silverwood (Teaching Assistant 1 day)

Welcome to Year Five's section of the website. Look out for regular updates to find out what the children have been learning and experiencing.


Routine and Information

  • PE kits should be worn all day on our PE days. Year 5 PE days this term are: Monday and Wednesday.
  • Homework will be set on a Wednesday using online means and handed in the following Monday.
  • Spellings form part of the homework. However these will be set on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday. Your child should practice this spellings across the week.
  • Please listen to your child read five times a week and comment in their reading journals. Try some of our reading comprehension questions below to see how much your child can remember!
  • Swimming will not being happening this term.
  • Pencil cases – pupils in Year 5 are provided with all of the stationery items that they will need in class. If pupils wish to bring in a pencil case then it should be small and flat, containing no more than 15 items so that it can fit in trays. Stationery limited to fountain pen, pencil, 1 rubber, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 ruler, 10 or less coloured pencils or felt tips.
  • Uniform – Please see the updated uniform expectations document on the parents page. 
  • Hair – Long hair must be safely tied back and hair must be the child’s natural colour. Hair fastenings should be plain and in school colours. 



Monday: Mrs Gomme and Mrs Miller

Tuesday-Friday: Miss Potter and Mrs Miller


We welcome you to come and speak to us if you have any queries. Please leave a message with the staff member at the gate if you cannot see a member of the Year 5 team. Time is limited in the mornings and not particularly private, so the end of the day is preferable if it can wait.

This year, we will be setting home learning tasks on Google Classroom. We will also set school work on Google Classroom in the event of a class / school / local / national lock down.


Until we have received app permission in September packs, we will be setting home learning tasks on the class page.


In Year 5, pupils will be asked to complete reading, spelling, maths and another task (writing, topic, science etc).


Reading will be recorded in reading records and spelling will be recorded in spelling journals. Spelling books should be returned on a Monday Maths and 'other tasks' can be completed on paper and photographed or on a computer or tablet. Photos can be emailed to

What are we learning about this term?

Theme: Ancient Greece

Link text: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan.


See below for our curriculum map for Spring 2020.


See below for Year 5's non-negotiables.


This term our Class Talk Topic is: “How is Greek culture evident in our lives today?” We will be working on this question in our topic lessons as we develop our understanding of democracy and philosophy.We will be trying to answer this question through our home-based project which will be presented for the Year 6 class. 

Homework - Wednesday 30th September (due Monday 5th October)

Reading - Read your own book daily. Try and answer some of the questions below if they are relevant for your text.

Writing - Spelling activity (see below).

Maths - Activities have been assigned to your Mathletics account. Use the link at the top of this page to find the site. Please speak to Miss Potter if you are having difficulties accessing the work.

Spellings - Practice the spellings in your book. They may be different to the ones below. This week, try to write a sentence in your purple book using each of your spelling words.

Use the ideas on this webpage to help you practice spellings in different ways!

Religious Education, PSHE and Collective Worship


In RE we are learning about "What is the best way for a Hindu to show commitment to God?" in our study of Hinduism.


In Jigsaw PSHE lessons our unit is: Welcome Back!


In Collective Worship our theme is: that we live life in all its fullness.


Year 5 Non-Negotiables

Spelling Activities

If you are isolating or awaiting test results, please see below for some suggested activities. 

Updated - Wednesday 30th September 2020

Reading - Read your own reading book for 30 mins. Maybe you can listen to an audio book or watch someone read a story on YouTube?

Maths - We are looking at subtracting numbers today. Have a look on your Mathletics or use the link below.

Writing - We are learning about Transformation Tales. Can you find and recount any transformation tales (where a character goes through a change) in your house?

Useful websites


These websites can be useful for helping with homework or for working from home.


Top Marks

Our favourite is Hit the Button!


BBC Bitesize

A useful website with a range of subjects to look through.


Times Tables

Useful to practice your times tables at home. In the link is the speed test. How fast can you go?


BBC Newsround

We like to watch this in class, but you could try reading some of the articles when you are at home!


DK Find Out!

Fun facts for kids!