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Please scroll down on this web-page to see the weekly activities.

Contact Miss Potter at:

This is for questions about the work I have set or if you would like any feedback. Please send photos of work either you or your child wishes to celebrate! 

Thank you for supporting us with your children's learning during this difficult time.

Miss Potter


Thank you to those who have sent me your video message for the class video so far! It would be amazing if as many of us as possible could take part. Don't worry about being embarrassed or feeling silly- it is a bit of fun and will bring a smile to all our faces. Send me an email if you want to take part but don't want your face in it and we can work it out.

Celebration Assembly 05.06

Apologies if I miss your name when 'shouting out' for spellings and other work. It was tricky to collect all the info from yesterday as well. Even if I don't manage to say your name, we are still super proud of you!!

Watch past Monday and Friday videos here:


Monday 1st June:

See below for weekly activities 

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This week we are looking at telling the time. If you cannot read the time on an analogue clock (like the ones in class) please spend time this week practicing this skill. Email Miss Potter if you need help accessing resources to help you. If you can read an analogue clock, feel free to use the activities for this week below.


Spellings 1

This week's spellings (20.05-03.06):

This week's spellings (20.05-03.06): 1 New spellings- due 10.06.20
This week's spellings (20.05-03.06): 2 Old spellings- due 03.06.20

Spellings for this week

You have got until Wednesday 10th June to practice these spellings! Send me your score by the 10th and we will celebrate in Friday's class assembly. 

How did you do on this week's spellings?

Ask somebody at home to help you with your spelling test. Email Miss Potter your scores and we can celebrate on Friday.

See below for next week's spellings and powerpoint.

Spelling Rule- polysyllabic words with unstressed vowels- with Miss Potter

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Chapter Eighteen (part 3) AND Chapter Nineteen (part 1)

Chapter Eighteen (Part 2)

Chapter Eighteen (Part 1)

Sorry about the abrupt ending to the video!

Chapter Seventeen (Part 2)

Chapter Seventeen (Part 1)

Previous chapters to catch up on!

Chapter One (Part 1) -

Chapter One (Part 2) -

Chapter Two (Part 1) -

Chapter Two (Part 2) -

Chapter Three -

Chapter Four -

Chapter Five (Part 1) -

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Chapter Six (Part 1) -

Chapter Six (Part 2) -

Chapter Six (Part 3) -

Chapter Seven (Part 1) -

Chapter Seven (Part 2) -

Chapter Seven (Part 3) -

Chapter Eight -

Chapter Ten -

Chapter Eleven (Part 1) -

Chapter Eleven (Part 2).1 -

Chapter Eleven (Part 2).2 -

Chapter Twelve -

Chapter Thirteen (Part 1) -

Chapter Thirteen (Part 2) -

Chapter Fourteen (Part 1) -

Chapter Fourteen (Part 2) -

Chapter Fifteen (Part 1) -

Chapter Fifteen (Part 2) -

Chapter Sixteen (Part 1) -

Chapter Sixteen (Part 2) -

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Your challenge this week is to take a 2 small videos for our class video! Watch Miss Potter's explanation below.


You will need 1 video (no more than 5 seconds) where you show us your message for the rest of the class. If you can't send a video, then a photo would be great!

You then have the option to send another short video (no more than 5 seconds) of you doing something fun! Like a cartwheel, some dancing, playing outside, or anything you like!


It would be amazing if we could all take part! Let Miss Potter know if you have any concerns.

Photo Challenge Explanation!

Photo Challenge Week 5- 'How we help at home'

Photo Challenge Week 4- 'The Magic Box'

Photo Challenge Week 3- 'Reading Spots'

Photo Challenge Week 2- 'Work stations'

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Looking After Your Mental Health

Class Novel

Class Novel 1

Previous chapters to catch up on!

Chapter Twenty-One (Part 1) -

Chapter Twenty-One (Part 2)-

Chapter Twenty-Two-

Chapter Twenty-Three (Part 1)-

Chapter Twenty-Three (Part 2)-

Chapter Twenty-Three (Part 3)-

Chapter Twenty-Four (Part 1)-

Chapter Twenty-Four (Part 2)-

Chapter Twenty-Five (Part 1)-

Chapter Twenty-Five (Part 2)-

Chapter Twenty-Six (Part 1)-

Chapter Twenty-Six (Part 2)-

Chapter Twenty-Seven (Part 1)-

Chapter Twenty-Seven (Part 2)- 

Chapter Twenty-Eight-

Chapter Twenty-Nine (Part 1)-

Chapter Twenty-Nine (Part 2) AND Chapter Thirty- 

Chapter Thirty-One (Part 1)-

Chapter Thirty-One (Part 2)-

Chapter Thirty-Two-

Chapter Thirty-Three-

Chapter Thirty-Four-

Chapter Thirty-Five (Part 1)-

Chapter Thirty-Five (Part 2)-

Chapter Thirty-Six-

Chapter Thirty-Seven-

Chapter Thirty-Eight-

Chapter Thirty-Nine (Part 1)-

Chapter Thirty-Nine (Part 2) AND Chapter Forty-

Charanga Yumu

The Oxfordshire County Music Service team have been working hard to find a way of helping your children to continue their musical learning while the schools are closed.


We are delighted to let you know that your OCMS music teacher will be sharing weekly lessons for your child using an online platform called Charanga Yumu. Yumu is a safe online space where children can learn, play and develop their musical skills.


Don’t worry if your child doesn’t have their own instrument or has left their instrument at school. There will still be parts of the lesson that they will be able to use and enjoy.






Scavenger Hunts!

Scavenger Hunts! 1
Scavenger Hunts! 2
Scavenger Hunts! 3
Scavenger Hunts! 4
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Follow the link below to see Friday's Celebration 'Assembly' (03.04.20):


Follow the link below to see Monday's Week 2 Greeting (30.03.20):


Follow the link below to see Friday's Celebration 'Assembly' (27.03.20):


HMS quiz!

Test yourself against your family and friends! Send me an email with your scores. Thank you Mrs Smith for creating this quiz.

Welcome to Year Five's section of the website. Look out for regular updates to find out what the children have been learning and experiencing.


Routine and Information

  • PE kits should be brought into school on Monday and taken home on Friday. PE lessons will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. However, children should have their kits in all week.
  • Homework will be set on a Wednesday and handed in the following Monday.
  • Spellings form part of the homework. However these will be set on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday.
  • Please listen to your child read five times a week and comment in their reading journals. Try some of our reading comprehension questions below to see how much your child can remember!
  • Swimming will take place on Monday mornings (dates tbc). Children will require their swimming costume, towel, and a swimming hat. Please discuss with Miss Potter if your child requires swimming goggles.
  • Pencil cases – pupils in Year 5 are provided with all of the stationery items that they will need in class. If pupils wish to bring in a pencil case then it should be small and flat, containing no more than 15 items so that it can fit in trays. Stationery limited to fountain pen, pencil, 1 rubber, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 ruler, 10 or less coloured pencils or felt tips.
  • Uniform – Please see the uniform expectations document on the parents page. 
  • Hair – Long hair must be safely tied back and hair must be the child’s natural colour. Hair fastenings should be plain and in school colours. 



Monday: Mrs Gomme and Mrs Charalambous

Tuesday-Friday: Miss Potter and Mrs Charalambous


We welcome you to come and speak to us if you have any queries. Time is limited in the mornings and not particularly private, so the end of the day is preferable if it can wait.

What are we learning about this term?

Theme: Save the Universe!

Link text: Phoenix, SF Said


See below for our curriculum map for Spring 2020.


See below for Year 5's non-negotiables.


This term our Class Talk Topic is: “Should we invest money in the exploration of space or the conservation of the Earth?” We will be watching Newsround regularly to develop our understanding of current events.We will be trying to answer this question through our school-based project which will be presented to the Year 6 class. This ties in with our school project, where we are celebrating the Year of the Green Planet. As a school, we will be discussing the goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Religious Education, PSHE and Collective Worship


In RE we are learning about Hinduism, and our question this term is: How can Brahman be everywhere and in everything?


In Jigsaw PSHE lessons our unit is: Dreams and Goals.


In Collective Worship our theme is: Creativity and that we live life in all its fullness.

Curriculum Map (Spring 2020)

Curriculum Map (Autumn 2019)

Year 5 Non-Negotiables

Spelling Activities

Spelling Activities 1
Spelling Activities 2
Spelling Activities 3
Spelling Activities 4

Useful websites


These websites can be useful for helping with homework or for at-home revision.


Top Marks

Our favourite is Hit the Button!


BBC Bitesize

A useful website with a range of subjects to look through.


Times Tables

Useful to practice your times tables at home. In the link is the speed test. How fast can you go?


BBC Newsround

We like to watch this in class, but you could try reading some of the articles when you are at home!


DK Find Out!

Fun facts for kids!