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14th - 18th June

What is a scientist? 

We started off our science week by answering the question 'What is a scientist?'. The children came up with various ideas and drew a picture of what they think a scientist looks like. We will revisit this question at the end of the week. 


Our ideas on 14th June: 


Building Bridges

We discussed how engineers are a type of scientist. As a class, we looked at different types of bridges, such as Beam, Truss and Suspension, and talked about what makes them strong. In buttons teams, we then designed and made our own bridges. 

We could only use straws and masking tape. The bridge had to be 20cm long and be strong enough to carry 7 cubes. 


WOW Moment: Coke and Mentos


Brilliant Bites 

Does the appearance of food impact the taste? We put it to the test! 

We discussed that lots of fruits and vegetables are thrown away each day because they are unusually shaped. We talked about the impact that this must have on our environment. Why not have a look out for 'wonky' fruits and vegetables next time you are in a supermarket. 



We have been experimenting with bubbles. We learned that bubbles are made from water, soap and air. Here are some fun facts we learned:

  • Bubbles are always round. It doesn't matter what shape the wand is. 
  • A bubble pops because when you put your finger on it, it makes a hole. The air then can escape from the hole. 

  • ​​​​​​​




Transport through the ages


These are our topic words that we are learning this term. As we go through the topic, we aim to move more of the words into the green column. Why not research some of the words you don't know at home? You might impress some of your classmates. 


We discussed what the words 'transport' and 'vehicle' mean. We then talked about different modes of transport that we know about on water, land and in the sky. As a class, we then created this fantastic display! Miss Jones was very impressed with our artwork. 


Today (26.04.21) we have been learning about how transport has changed and how people travelled in the past. We created a timeline to show how transport and travel has changed. The children were very interested to hear about penny farthings and omnibuses too. 


Viking Longboats


Hot Air Balloons and the Montgolfier Brothers




Maths: Position and Direction

This week, we have been learning all about position and direction. In the last few days, we have been learning about movement and turning. We have been using words such as forwards, backwards, left, right, clockwise and anticlockwise. Today we used the Beebots to put all our learned skills together. 

PE: Cricket

This term we have been learning lots of different cricket skills. These have included: bowling, catching, striking and fielding.

Here are some pictures from last week's cricket lesson. 



Here are some pictures from this week's cricket game. The children had a great time putting all their new skills together to play a game. 

Art: Colour Chaos!

In art we have been learning all about colour. Firstly, we learned about the 3 primary colours.

We studied Piet Mondrian's work and created collages inspired by him. 

Next, we learned about secondary colours and colour mixing. We looked at artwork by Mark Rothko and then painted our own colour fields.

Science: Living things and their habitats

In science this term, we are learning about living things and their habitats. 


Here are our topic words we are learning: 


Today we visited a local habitat, our school pond. We looked for things that are living, dead and have never been alive. 

PSCO Visit

On Monday, Year 2 were visited by PCSO Helen who read them the story of PC Ben. The story followed PC Ben through a usual shift so that children could learn more about the role of a police officer. The children learned that police officers care about the community and are kind, caring, friendly and selfless people. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and asked PCSO Helen some interesting questions. If you see a police officer in your local area, why not make their day by giving them a wave, a smile or saying hello. 


World Book Day

Fun Friday - Drawing Games 29.1.21

Merry Christmas Everyone from Year 2

Websites to visit if you are isolating:


BBC Bitesize

BBC Teach

Phonics play

Earth Cubs - Arctic topic work


Homework is now set on Google Classroom. Your child's log in have been sent to you in a parent mail. If you have any questions, please email me on

Homework will be uploaded on the Google Classroom each Wednesday. Homework will be due in the following Tuesday



How to Upload a Photo to a Google Classroom Assignment in 2020

A useful video to demonstrate how to add and picture when handing in your homework


In science, we are learning about about the 4 seasons. 


Why not have a look at this bitesize website to learn more