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SMSC and British Values

SMSC is taught as part of an integrated curriculum throughout the school day. The children are encouraged to be kind, empathetic citizens who embrace our country's diverse society. Relationships and personal safety are discussed to ensure the children feel safe and happy. Children take part in 'Stepping Stones' days three times a year which focus on aspects of safety. This year the themes are: safety at home; safety on the way to school; safety at school; safety out and about with my friends; body safe; and staying safe when cooking.


British Values

British Values are embedded in the life of our school through our distinctive Christian character and demonstrated through our core six values of respect, responsibility, friendship, perseverance, honesty and creativity. They are actively promoted through spiritual moral, social and cultural education and reinforced as part of our high quality teaching across the curriculum, through our collective worship and behaviour policy that allows pupils to develop and demonstrate skills and attributes that will equip them to contribute positively to life in modern Britain. These values and attributes are promoted and reinforced by all staff within school and used to provide a model of behaviour for all of our pupils. The way in which our school community behaves and treats each other is built upon a basis of respect, understanding of our own worth and the worth of others as well as Christian love, whilst recognising that many of these guiding principles are also present in other faiths and cultures.

British Values should allow pupils:

  • To understand right from wrong and to develop and understanding of the civil and criminal law in our country.
  • To enable pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and play an active, positive part in their communities, and through this, society in a wider way.
  • To enable pupils to gain an understanding and respect for public institutions in our country.
  • To understand the importance of tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions by enabling pupils to understand and appreciate their own cultures and traditions.
  • To demonstrate respect for others.
  • To encourage respect for democracy and an understanding of how this process works in this country.