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Hanborough Heroes – Term 1 - 2019

Congratulations to our ‘Hanborough Heroes’ who were awarded for consistently impressing the adults around the school with their learning, their values, the way in which they conduct themselves or even all of the above!

They all received a hand written postcard sent in the mail from Mrs Morgan.

FS – Oliver and Lola

Y1 – Bella and Fleur

Y2 – Eliza and Tallulah

Y3 – Jenson and Lola

Y4 – Yasmin and Lydia

Y5 – Oscar and Amelie

Y6 – Gus and Adelina

Pupils’ Choice Award - Term 1 - 2019
Very well done to all the children that were presented with the ‘Pupils’ Choice’ award this term. The winners were nominated by their classmates for demonstrating our school values or ‘Hanborough Habits’ throughout the previous term.

FS - Oliver Joe

Y1 - Eliza
Y2 - Nathaniel
Y3 - Oliver
Y4 - Jack
Y5 - Otis
Y6 - James