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Welcome to Year Four's section of the website. Look out for regular updates to find out what the children have been learning and experiencing.


Routine and Information

  • PE kits should be brought into school on Monday and taken home on Friday.
  • Homework will be set on a Wednesday and handed in the following Monday.
  • Spellings form part of the homework. However these will be set on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday.
  • Please listen to your child read five times a week and comment in their reading journals.


Our topic for the Summer Term 2018 is 'Raiders & Invaders'. We will be using 'How to train a dragon' to support this topic. A curriculum map can be found under 'Parents- our curriculum- curriculum maps'.

Year 4 Lucky Seven 2018

Year 4 dance the Lucky Seven at Hanborough Manor School Fete 2018.

Year 4 danced the Lucky Seven at the school fete today. They were amazing despite the blistering heat. Well done guys!

Year 4 charge!

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If you went down to the woods today, you would have been in for a big surprise because year 3 and 4 were patrolling around in full viking garb. Later, the children had time for a few games of kingy bats (a bit like shield keepy uppy), discovered what it would be like in a shield wall and experienced the thrill of a viking charge. Arrrrrrrrrgh!
Year 4 visited Hanborough Recreation Hall today to sing for the Elderberries. The children were amazing singing three songs and talking to the Elderberries in between. The children learnt to twist and showed some of the ladies and gentlemen how to floss. Thank you for having us again Elderberries it was lots of fun!
Today, paralympian footballer Alistair Patrick-Heselton visited the school. Alistair put year 4 through a circuit of physical activities before explaining his fascinating story and why it is so important to never give up. Thank you Patrick!
Year 4 travelled to Tilsley park for the EPA Sports day today where they competed with and against children from other schools in the partnership. The children behaved fantastically and were (as always) a credit to our school. Congratulations to Spain who were the overall winners!
Year 4 took part in Sports Day at Hanborough Manor today. I was very impressed with how the children conducted themselves: trying their hardest, being good sports and encouraging their team mates. Congratulations to Yellow team who finished the day victorious!
Year 4 walked to Christ Church today for the Pentecost Prayer space. Reverend Sue welcomed the children and explained that each of the activities was based on a line from the Lord's prayer. The children were brilliantly behaved and had a wonderful time.
The Dogs Trust visited Hanborough Manor today and Year 4 joined with Year 3 for a workshop where they learnt how to keep dogs (and humans) happy and healthy. The children asked some great questions and definitely learnt a lot about caring for and keeping safe around dogs.
Rabbi Zvi visited year 4 today to talk about his faith 'Judaism'. The children learnt about Synagogues, Shabbat and Passover as part of their morning and asked some fantastic questions. Thank you Rabbi Zvi!


Year 4 perform the Beatles 'Blackbird' in music.

Year 4 are learning about the Beatles 'Blackbird' in music this term. Here they are performing it after learning a little of the song's history.
Year 4 met with Year 3 at Bartholemew for the EPA's Quadkids Sports festival on Friday. The children took part in a 400 metre run, relay, standing long jump and vortex throw with children from other schools in the partnership. The class made a superb effort!

Palm Crosses

Year 4 explain the significance of Palm Crosses.

The school all walked to St Peter's and St Paul's church in Church Hanborough for the Easter service today. As part of the service, Year 4 explained the significance of Palm Crosses for Christians. Happy Easter everyone!
The whole school made Easter bonnets for Mrs Bayliss's competition today. There were some incredibly imaginative entries. Well done year 4, you looked eggscellent (sorry)!
Reverend Sue visited today and spoke to Year 4 about the last supper. The children sampled bread and grape juice to really bring it to life. Thank you, Reverend Sue!

Year 3 and 4's Pure Imagination dance

Year 3 and 4 tell Charlie and the Chocolate factory through dance during their showcase.

Oompa Loompa song

Year 3 and 4 sing the Oompa Loompa song as part of their showcase.

It was Year 3 and 4's showcase last night and both classes did an amazing job. They performed a dance that told the story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory to 'Pure Imagination' and sung the Oompa-Loompa song. Then, Year 4 showed their sculptures, Quentin Blake style self-portraits, Town is by the Sea first person narratives, LMMS Charlie and the Chocolate factory compositions, confectionery mathematics work and Science Week investigations.

Hair-raising Experiment

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Gas filled Balloons Experiment

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Today, Lotte's mum spoke to year 4 about how the brain works and Cecily's dad carried out some exciting experiments. Year 4 have also been working on their science investigations and marble runs. Well done to Phoebe, Flora, Emma, Emily and Adelina who won the Key Stage 2 science investigation competition. Thank you to all our visitors!
It's Science week at Hanborough Manor this week and there are lots of exciting events happening all over the school. In year 4 today, Nicola Dunne (Sam's mum) spoke to the children about how we end up in hospital and how to avoid it. She also spoke to the children about C.P.R., first aid, digestion and the problem of obesity. After that, the class had a Changing materials workshop where they investigated what would happen to water, salt water, soap, steel and sugar if you heat it. Thank you to all our visitors.
Year 4 had a SKIP2BFIT workshop today where they learnt about the importance of exercise and tried to beat their personal bests over 2 minutes of skipping.There were some fantastic efforts. Well done to Max Rhodes who managed an impressive 163!
Reverend David and Reverend Emma visited year 4 today to talk about the Easter story and how Christians celebrate it now. The children asked some very insightful questions and tried some hot cross buns. Thank you Reverends for a very interesting afternoon.
Hanborough Manor celebrated world book day today. Year 4 made a fantastic effort with characters from Fantastic Mr Fox to Mary Poppins. Well done everyone!

3G Swing.

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Year 4 had a brilliant morning at Kingswood before returning to the mainland. The children had another go at Indoor Climb and then briefly enjoyed the coastal view from the 3G Swing before dropping and swinging forward at tremendous speed. I have been very proud of my class this week. They have challenged themselves brilliantly. Well done guys!

Indoor Climb.

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Year 4's last full day at Kingswood has been fun filled with some superb team work and children pushing themselves to do the best they can. Today they: tried Archery, gave and listened to instructions to tackle a course blind folded in Nightline, worked together to complete challenges in Problem Solving and Indoor Initiatives, descended a tower in Abseiling, honed their driving skills in Side By Side Buggies, ascended a wall in Indoor Climb and finally sang songs around a real Campfire.

Zip Wire.

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What an action packed day! The children enjoyed: Volleyball, Leap of Faith, Orienteering, Archery, Zip Wire, Aeroball, Nightline and Team Tech before having a bit of a boogie in the club. More excitement tomorrow.
Year 4 arrived at Kingswood on the Isle of Wight today. The children have had a site tour and taken part in Aeroball, Team Tech and Mini Olympics before enjoying a hot chocolate and snuggling into their beds. They are all very excited and looking forward to tomorrow.
Year 4 have begun work based around a book called Town is by the Sea by Joanne Schwartz. The book is set in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the 1950s where coal mining was the most common job. To understand what it might have been like in this environment the classroom was transformed into a mine and the children were visited by Harper Davis (a time-travelling 1950s coal miner from Cape Breton) who was able to answer their questions.
Year 4 travelled to Bournville in Birmingham today for a fascinating visit to Cadbury world. The children learnt how cocoa beans are harvested in Ghana, shipped to the UK, processed into our favourite chocolate bars and advertised and sold. We also had a chance to experience the 4D cinema and taste some of Cadbury's lovely chocolate!
Year 4 kick-started 2018 by visiting the Elderberries today, singing a few songs and talking to the ladies and gentlemen there. The children sang Mamma Mia, We must travel home, Who put the colours in the rainbow? and We'll meet again. We had some lovely comments about the children's behaviour and politeness and I was an immensely proud teacher. Thank you year 4 and well done!

Nazareth Line Dance

Year 4 perform the Nazareth Line Dance in Strictly Come Nativity.

Cotton Eye Joe

Year 4's dance to Cotton Eye Joe in Strictly Come Nativity.

As we hurtle closer to Christmas, it has been extremely busy in Year 4. The children have entertained audiences with dances, singing and acting in the Key Stage 2 production (Strictly Come Nativity), celebrated Christmas day with games and Christmas crafts and made models of Joseph and Mary for the Methodist Chapel's Festival of Nativities. Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!
Year 4 enjoyed a visit to the Theatre Chipping Norton today to see Sleeping Beauty with the rest of Key Stage 2. They had a wonderful time. Oh yes they did!

Wimshurst Generator

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James Wimshurst time travels to demonstrate his invention.

Franklin's Bells

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James Wimshurst uses his generator to demonstrate Benjamin Franklin's bells.

Static Electricity

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James Wimshurst uses his Wimshurst Generator to show what happens when hole punched paper and static electricity meet.
Today, as part of Year 4's learning about electricity, they visited the museum of the history of science, the Pitt Rivers museum and the natural history museum. The children were joined by a time travelling James Wimshurst who demonstrated his Wimshurst Generator (a machine which generates static electricity). The class asked some very insightful questions and were brilliantly behaved. 
Year 4 walked to St Peter's and St Paul's church in Church Hanborough today where Reverend Tyler gave them a tour of the building. He also spoke to them about symbolism in the Christmas story. The children had fantastic questions and learnt lots about the church itself. Thank you Reverend Tyler for a marvellous morning!
Year 4 teamed up with Year 3 today to raise money for our school charity, The Brain Tumour charity. The children organised their stalls brilliantly and earned lots of cash. The soak Mrs Miller stall proved very popular, Mrs Bayliss was seen, clipboard in hand, having a go at the treasure hunt and Mr Eaglestone (nearly) hit the crossbar on Crossbar challenge. Well done guys!


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A fantastic crayfish straight from the river Evenlode.


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These wonderful little fish love fast flowing water and live under stones.
To kick off Year 4's learning about rivers, we visited our local river, the Evenlode. The children discovered how deep and fast it is and also what lives in and around it.

Iron Man Cam Mechanism

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Emily shows her working cam mechanism.

Iron Man Cam Mechanism

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Elspeth shows her cam mechanism depicting the Iron Man walking into the sea.
Year 4 have been designing and constructing mechanisms based on the Iron Man. They have used cams in their mechanisms so that when they turn a crank handle a rod moves up and down. Great work guys!

Mamma Mia!

Year 4 sing Abba's Mamma Mia!

Year 4 have been learning about Abba songs in music. They have looked at similarities and differences between Abba's Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen, what instruments are in both songs and how the songs differ structurally. The children have also been practicing to perform Mamma Mia.

Harvest Character Sketch

Year 4 perform their harvest character sketch at St. Peter's and St. Paul's.

Picture 1
It was Harvest festival at St Peter's and St Paul's today and the whole school walked to church to give thanks. Year 4 performed a Harvest character sketch based on Camille Pissarro's painting "The Harvest".
Year 4 learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot today which is currently being celebrated all over the world. Jewish people build Sukkahs (booths or tabernacles) to remember their journey to Israel after escaping slavery in Egypt. The children built our own class Sukkah and enjoyed a light meal of a sweet under its open roof. 

Year 4 had the opportunity to visit BeSpace today which has been set up in the library. Children thought about how they pray before visiting the Sorry Sands tent where they could write about things they are sorry for and wipe them away. Then, they made models of things they want to say Thank you for. After that, they considered where God could help in Our World and finally they wrote on post-its what they would like in the Please tent and sent them to god via a bubble tube.