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Welcome to Year Four's section of the website. Look out for regular updates to find out what the children have been learning and experiencing.


Routine and Information

  • PE kits should be brought into school on Monday and taken home on Friday.
  • Homework will be set on a Wednesday and handed in the following Monday.
  • Spellings form part of the homework. However these will be set on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday.
  • Please listen to your child read five times a week and comment in their reading journals.


Year 4 joined Year 3 today and walked to North Leigh Roman villa on the banks of the Evenlode. The children had lots of fun investigating the hypocaust (under floor heating), looking at the amazing mosaic in the triclinium and spotting huge Roman snails, still slithering around the sight around 2000 years after they were first introduced.

Year 4 Lucky Seven

This is "Year 4 Lucky Seven" by Lars Boardman on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

This afternoon, Year 4 danced the Lucky Seven at the school fete. Well done guys, it was superb!
Year 4 became Legion IV today and trained to be Roman infantry. Carrying their freshly painted shields, the children learnt to march and get into different formations (such as the testudo or tortoise formation which was used to defend). As part of their day, the children built a fort and road, carried out guard duty and also had fitness and strength training. They even managed to survive an attack from angry local Celts! 
It was Sports Day at Hanborough Manor yesterday and year 4 joined their buttons teams to compete in field and track events. The children exceeded expectations with fantastic performances all round. Well done to purple team who finished the day victorious!

Donkey Riding

Year 4 sing Donkey Riding at the EPA Big Sing 2017.

Yesterday evening, Year 4 attended the Big Sing at Bartholomew Sports hall where they combined with schools in the Eynsham partnership to sing songs from the National Song book. The children were (as ever) superb ambassadors and performed perfectly.
Year 4 participated in a tennis festival at Bartholomew School in Eynsham this morning. The children had a great time and should be able to give Andy Murray a run for his money now. Thank you to all the leaders and teachers at Bartholomew who made it such a great event. 
Year 4 visited the Elderberries at the Recreation hall again this morning where they sang some of the songs they have been learning for the Big Sing. They even sang a request (We'll meet again) A cappella. The children enjoyed lots of conversations with the Elderberries who commented on their wonderful singing and manners.
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Year 4's topic this term is Veni, Vidi, Vici. A curriculum map for this topic can be found under Parents, Our Curriculum, Curriculum Maps.

DEATH CAN'T HOLD HIM DOWN! newspaper report.

Year 4 recount the final stages of the Easter story as a newspaper report.

Year 4 finished the term with a bang as they took part in the Easter service at St Peter and St Paul in Church Hanborough. The children retold the final stages of the Easter story in the style of a newspaper report. Well done guys! Have a wonderful Easter.

Year 3 and 4 Kensuke's Kingdom Dance

Year 3 and 4's dance inspired by Michael Morpurgo's book Kensuke's Kingdom.

Yesterday Year 4 teamed up with Year 3 to present their showcase. It was a fantastic evening with a Kensuke's Kingdom inspired dance, model boats, Kingswood persuasion leaflets, Dream garden sculptures, fossils, rocks, music compositions, cobblestones painted in a Japanese style and a model of Kensuke's Kingdom all on show. The children have worked really hard and it was great to see so many parents and carers. Well done everyone!


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Science week closed with a bang today as Year 4 visited the Natural History museum in Oxford with Year 3 and witnessed a science workshop run by Mr Smith. The children discovered all about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks as their guide Chris explained and showed them different examples; even using chocolate to explain the differences. This afternoon, they were wowed once again by the wonders of science as Mr Smith used hairdryers to balance ping pong balls and unbalanced the negative and positive electricity in Poppy and Arthur to make their hair stand on end.
Today, as part of Science week, Mrs Foster visited to talk to our class about her job as a surgeon at Reading hospital. She had us taking our pulses and even making incisions and stitching them back up again. Thank you Mrs Foster! 


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Mrs Hill visited us yesterday as part of Science week. She wowed us with dramatic demonstrations and exhilarating experiments; such as indoor lightning, cool convection and how to make a floating sausage appear before your eyes (just by staring at your fingers). Thank you Mrs Hill!
The children dressed up or brought a prop in for World Book Day yesterday. Congratulations to Freddie who won a prize for best costume and Ewan who won a prize for most inventive clue to identity.
Well, we're back home. Today, the children played aeroball and outdoor laser. What a fantastic four days! Our children are truly amazing. Each and every one of them has challenged themselves, taken risks and shone. Well done guys.
Today, the children went swimming together, explored with a blindfold on in nightline, solved problems, braved the balance beam, abseiled from the tower, went fencing, entered the laser zone and had a good sing song around the campfire. We can't believe we're coming home tomorrow, our time here has gone so fast!


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Another brilliant day at Kingswood draws to a close. Today, the children challenged themselves with team tech, Jacob's ladder, archery, indoor climbing, 3G swing, leap of faith, laser zone, fencing and mini Olympics. 


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We're having a fantastic time at Kingswood on the Isle of Wight. The crossing was fine (not too bumpy). Last night, the children took part in archery and team tech before settling down for a movie and hot chocolate.
Year 4 had a very special time travelling visitor today. Mary Anning (the famous fossil hunter) dropped in from the 19th century to discuss the amazing finds she made in Lyme Regis. Thanks Mary!
Year 4 travelled to Bartholomew today for a gymnastics festival. The children were excellent ambassadors for our school and also made big improvements with their gymnastic skills.
This week, Year 4 have been writing argument texts. As part of this, they held a mock court case. The children debated whether Donald Trump should be president of the United States of America. There was some heated discussion and very insightful questioning.
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It was Christmas day in Year 4 today. We all had a fantastically festive time playing games and getting crafty. Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!

Robber's Tango

Year 4 tango tremendously during Key stage 2's performance of Hansel and Gretel. Well done everyone. You were fabulous darlings!

Year 4 and the rest of Key Stage 2 visited The Theatre Chipping Norton today to see Robinson Crusoe and the Pirate Queen. Much fun was had by all and the children were a credit to the school (as always).
Year 3 and 4 visited Dorchester Abbey today for the Narnia exhibition. The children became evacuees and experienced scenes from C.S. Lewis' book the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. There was also time for them to develop their own stories based on an object from the abbey, to brass rub some Narnia based words and sketch the wonderful stain glass windows and awesome abbey artefacts.

Year 4 Monster dance

Year 4 have been developing a dance for the song Monster by the Automatic. Here's the finished result.

It has been a very busy day for Year 4. This morning, the children walked to the Recreation Hall where they sang Harvest songs to the Elderberries. They also told them what they had learnt about how baked beans are harvested. The children had a great time talking to the ladies and gentlemen there and were a credit to our school. This afternoon, the children raised money with Year 3 by holding lots of different events for the Year 3 and 4 Charity day. The charity will be voted for by the children soon.
Year 4 have been learning about Jewish people's special relationship with God. As it is the Jewish festival of Sukkot this week, they built their very own Sukkah (which is Hebrew for booth). Jews build Sukkahs to remember when God freed them from slavery in Egypt. Sukkahs must have three walls, a roof made out of something which grew from the ground and you must be able to see at least three stars in the night sky through it (no problems there).

Year 4 ventured to St Peter and St Paul's church in Church Hanborough for the school's Harvest service. They sang superbly and also explained what they had discovered about baked beans from harvest to arriving saucily on our dinner plates.

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