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Formal committee meetings are held at least once a term and this is when potential expenditure is discussed and agreed and funds are allocated to projects. The meetings are also for planning social and fundraising events. They usually last about an hour and half and dates are circulated via your children, or email. These meetings are open to all members of the ‘Friends’ and we cordially invite you as a new member to come along and see what goes on and indeed to contribute – your comments and ideas will be appreciated.
Also we would be pleased to welcome you onto the committee. You can either be co-opted during the year or be formally nominated at the AGM. Membership of the committee is challenging, hard work and great for those who, for example, have given up work to be with their children! It is highly rewarding and enjoyable – a good way to make new friends.


We are a registered charity and as such, are bound by an agreed constitution. We have to hold a formal AGM once a year (which has become quite a party!). So, please come, if we don’t get enough people at this meeting, we cannot function.
The other vital area requiring your support is attending functions and supporting other ventures. If you don’t feel you can get involved on a long term basis, there will be opportunities to help out for an hour or two at a particular event.
Also if you have a special skill which you feel we could use, please don’t be shy. We are always happy to try something new. Useful contacts are greatly appreciated too. If you are interested in becoming involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the school office.